The real reason of ED

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iCAD4XCRPIf one day during your sex you noticed that you had a bad erection, you needn’t join the ‘Impotence’ club. There are many causes for the occasional non-performance:

• Being obese or overeating
• Drug abuse, smoke or alcohol
• Overwork
• Guilt of an extramarital relationship
• Pressure
• Lack of exercise
• Problems in your sex life
• Anxiety and tension

But if for a long time you have a bad erection, we recommend a visit to the urologist,  who probably will recommend Viagra, because this drug is very popular and very effective.

The reasons that make Viagra a most preferable choice

Viagra is an optimistic choice for many males in the world. It is recommended by the doctors as the best treatment existing today. viagra effectThe obvious beneficial features of this medicine include:

Viagra is not a sexual booster, but in many cases it acts as if a sexual enhancer which provides not only erections, but also a mood for sex.
Viagra is a direct PDE5 inhibitor, which strikes PDE5 enzyme and activates erectile process by enhancing continuous blood supply to the penis.
The medicine acts within 30 minutes after consumption.
Males can reach firm penile erections with sexual stimulation.
Viagra allows men staying sexually active for 4 hours.
The consumption of this medicine is easy and comfortable.
The organization called the FDA approved the medicine and confirmed its secure therapeutic effects within a large range of men of all age groups who are diagnosed with ED.

Viagra confident treatment for ED problem

viagraViagra is on sale in the form of tablets for oral use with the standard dosage of 100 mg, 50 mg and 25 mg.
The main chemical component in Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate which is proven to be highly effective against erectile dysfunction.

The irreproachable effects of Viagra include: stiffness of the penis, longer erections. The erections achieved through the natural process of stimulation of the penis. It helps to obtain harder erections.

Just by consuming a blue pill of Viagra a male can be confident in his power to get an erection for as long as 4 hours. For better efficiency a male should take Viagra without food and alcohol. One pill in 24 hours is suggested for proper treatment.viagra effects

Viagra offers prominent treatment results, provided that, you take it right and follow all the recommendations and prescription of your doctor.

Males, who are undergoing a medical treatment with other drugs, need a doctor’s consultation and advice about possibility of combining Viagra with their treatments.
Males, suffering from other disorders of the body, need to visit a doctor for making sure that Viagra is safe for them.

The finest effects of Viagra can be spoiled by improper use. The precautionary measures should always be taken into consideration.

With Viagra you can be sure in your performance and satisfactory sex. This is the perfect and well-polished medical product with long years of marketing. Its high popularity among males is the best answer and the best reason to try it.

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