Important information about use Viagra

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iCAZOD8LGDo not take this drug if you take medicines, which  often prescribed for chest pain (nitrates), these drugs can cause an unsafe and sudden drop in blood pressure.

If you experience nausea or chest pain  or other  problems during sex, call your specialist at once. You should discuss with your doctor your  general health condition.

The patient must to avoid long-term injury, if the patient notice that his erection lasting more than four hours, visit a doctor, because it is not good.

The doctor may recommend  the lowest dose  of VIAGRA 25 mg, if the man  has serious kidney or liver problems or is older than age sixty five.  If the patient  taking protease inhibitors, the specialist may prescribed 25mg.treatment

Viagra is indicated for ED treatment

Fixing the problem associated with erections is the main purpose of Viagra treatment. For this indication Viagra got its official affirmation from the Food and drug administration.
Known for its properties to produce firm erections Viagra is chosen by millions of males as a treatment method number one in the world.

Viagra dosages

treatment1Viagra is available in dose strengths of 25 milligrams, 50 milligrams and 100 milligrams of the main component Sildenafil. The pills should be taken only by a man with ED to produce the treatment – desired erections.

Other chemical substances (medicines, alcohol) may mix with Sildenafil and cause adverse reactions. Before taking any dose of Viagra, make sure you are not mixing it with contraindicated drugs.

Viagra is not a libido enhancer

The medicine helps males to get an erection and maintain it for normal time of sexual contact until an orgasm. Lots of males try Viagra as sexual desire enhancer, though this medicine does not possess such features.

Usually males with ED do not suffer from low libido, their problem is in the poor blood supply of the penis which affects the quality of erections. If you have this problem, ask your doctor about possibility of Viagra treatment. In case your erections are good, but your desire is low, do not take Viagra.

Viagra won’t protect you from STDs and/or unwanted pregnancyvi

Use condom or other methods of protection while using Viagra. Some males naively believe that Viagra is an all-cure and can even protect them from such things as unwanted pregnancy or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). It is not true. Viagra is an enhancer of penile erections and cannot act as a protective measure against the mentioned things.

Following of the exact Viagra dosing is important

The more of Viagra – the better is the result, – this is the common thinking of males. Still it is not true for many males as the bigger dose can impose higher risks of side effects. doseThe dose of 100 mg is, of course, more effective than lower doses, but it is not suitable for all males.

Some of the ED sufferers start to change their dose by their own without consulting a doctor. It can lead to many unpleasant situations, including overdosing, abuse of the medicine, side effects and health problems. Be careful with your dosing of Viagra. Follow your doctor’s advice.

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