Common myths about ED

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manWhen a person decides for the first time to buy viagra online and use oral ED medicine, he will naturally search for some additional information about the drug and the condition on the internet. The online resources provide us with a huge amount of information about ED condition. And for a common guy it may be uneasy to clear out what is true and what is not.
The best way to understand it – visit a doctor who possesses professional knowledge and understanding of the problem. He will for sure explain all the peculiarities and things of concern to a patient. Here you can also find some information about the facts and myths about impotence.
One of the big mistakes that a person may have about ED is that this condition is a part of normal ageing process. And with years it is natural to have weaker erections.myths
The fact is ED is not normal. It is a condition which has serious reasons behind it. Impotence is considered to be the symptoms of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, hypertension or neurological disease. All these conditions affect blood vessels and thus blood supply to the penis. Men should not be mistaken about impotence. It is not normal and should be treated as soon as possible.
The second common mistake about impotence is closely connected with the previous: some men think that they cannot use oral ED drugs as they have other diseases.
Oral ED drugs can be used in men who have other conditions and diseases. Yes, there are number of conditions in which the use of ED drugs is contraindicated, they include: serious heart conditions, uncontrolled hypertension, some blood cell disorders. The list of all conditions can be checked at your doctor’s.
factsHerbal supplements are the real cure for ED. Well certain herbal meds can contribute to the treatment of the problem, but in most cases more effective treatment is needed. For this purpose, oral ED medicines (PDE-5 inhibitors) are indicated.
Another big mistake is that men think the problems should be fixed only by themselves. A partner should not know anything about the problem. The fact is concealing that you have ED is not a way out. Your partner will get nervous that you hide something. Besides, the open and frank discussion of the problem with a partner will help to overcome it faster and in more comfortable manner.
So do not waste your time by reading articles which are not confirmed by facts. Visit a doctor or read official info about impotence and its treatment options.

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