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genericWhen a man decides to buy Viagra online in Australia medicine he should remember that this medicine is just like other meds available with prescription. This means that this medicine has certain restrictions or limitations of use, may cause side effects and may interact with other drugs. Thus before using Australian Viagra it is important to consult a doctor.
The right thing to do at your doctor’s is to tell him/her your medical story in full, including the disease you have suffered, diseases you may currently have and drugs you may use regularly or periodically.
The diseases that should be mentioned are:
•    Liver or kidney disease;
•    Heart problems of any type;
•    Previous history of heart attack, heart failure, stroke;
•    Hypertension;
•    Blood cell problems;
•    Eye problems;
•    Other serious health problems.generic1
A person should know that Viagra may dangerously interact with certain medicines. One of such interactions is with nitrates. It is not permitted to use Viagra with nitrates. Other serious drug interactions of Viagra should be discussed with your doctor.

Knowing about generics

Generic Viagra is the exact copy of the brand Viagra. It has the same pharmacological characteristics, function in the body and even the same side effects. Generic Viagra contains exactly the same working component as in brand – Sildenafil citrate.

generic2The dosages of generics usually coincide with those offered by the brand and approved by the medical organizations as well as health experts and recommended for safe use.

So corresponds to generic Viagra which comes in the dosages of 25, 50 and 100 mg of Sildenafil.

The forms of generic pills can be different: from traditional hard tablets to more convenient to apply soft tabs or jellies.

Soft and jelly forms are faster to act and easier to use. Lots of males prefer these forms to hard pills. Some of the males even think that soft and jelly forms provide longer time of Sildenafil action in the body, but it is a mistake. The main component Sildenafil contained in any medicine generic or brand will work only for about 4 hours in your body. Still the advantage of such soft forms is in faster action – they start to function only within 15-20 minutes in comparison with 30-45 minutes of traditional tablets.generic3

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Buying generic Viagra online: advantages and risks

Generic medicines can be easily bought online in shops offering a variety of different medications under generic names containing the same component.
Purchasing medicines online is very convenient and does not require having any prescription of a doctor.
Among the other advantages of ordering the medicines online is their price. It is much more affordable as in local pharmacies and ordinary people can buy any of the needed medical products including Viagra.

viagraThe minus of buying generic medicines online is that lots of people use the medicines without consultation of a doctor. Such self-treatment can be dangerous for health as the medicines can be unsuitable or even contraindicated for some people.
The same refers to the usage of generic Viagra. As it is of great access, lots of males use it without need or for the purposes it is not indicated. Low cost of the price attracts the males and they overdose the medicine.
So there is a great necessity to visit a doctor for consultation and getting confirmation of this medicine usage.

Generic Viagra has become an idol for lots of bedfellows all around the world. As a matter of fact this medication has saved millions of couples from divorce and parting.

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